Friday, 10 July 2009

Permai Objectives

1) To strengthen the bonds of ukhuwwah between brothers and sisters amongst Malaysian undergraduate students in Indonesia.

2)To boost students’ sense of self-consciousness and motivation towards being a well-rounded individual.

3) To instill pure understanding of responsibilities in students towards himself/herself, family, community and country.

4) To shape dynamic students who are at full gear to face challenges from all angle.

5)To develop students’ ability to cope with daily pressure and tasks effectively.

6) To navigate towards fixing and resetting personal goals and assist towards wise decision-making in life.

7) To expand the uniformity of thinking between Malaysian undergraduate students in Indonesia.



Islam is Ad-Din, the religion that covers every aspect of life. The Almighty has sent down Islam for all times of life; Islam tranquil hearts of men in times of turmoil, shows the way of salvation in times of sin, inspires in moment of seeking the true solution. Islam provides comfort for tears, light for the darkness and the strength to bear the cruelest of challenges in life.

At all times, it is a noble intention to strive for enlightenment of Muslim students here, especially Malaysians. We wish for Malaysian students, to improve their self-consciousness and fully actualize their potential at all aspects possible, by endeavoring for meaningful life based on the true teachings of Islam – for the betterment of the society, and individuals alike. Moving small steps confidently, from small discussions to serious meetings, finally it laid the foundation for IMAN and PKPMI-CB to hold PERMAI ‘10 (Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Islam se-Indonesia) – A three-days-and-two-nights program that will include workshops, talks and games in different slots and based on The History of Islamic Civilization & Why We Embraced Islam? modules with utmost hope of fulfilling the purpose.

Students, in general view as we can say; are inclined to put high priority to succeed either in academics, sports, music or arts. Honestly, it is regretful if the spiritual complementary is left behind. Yet a human’s true calling in life is to achieve the balance between these two, to put them in proper places - so that success will be attained, in this worldly Life and also in Hereafter.

Thus, before we soar the skies to our next chapter in our life, IMAN and PKPMI-CB would like to take this opportunity to help ourselves and others to be a better Muslim, and in sya Allah, we will not regret our life when the time has come for us to see our Creator.

Hopefully, this program will be the stepping-stone for all of us to be an enhanced Muslim towards the end of the program, as there is an old saying: “Every journey begins with a single step.” May our journey’s safe and sound, insya Allah.